CSUSB 2018 Open Pitch Nights

By CSUSB - IECE (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 11, 2018

Attend one of the two Open Pitch nights to learn more and start networking to team up and get your intent to compete submitted for the chance to present at the main event for $20,000 in CA$H PRIZES.

You will have the chance to pitch your idea, shop for a team, as well as meet others who are interested in getting on a team to compete. From there start building your team and your plan of attack!

PLEASE NOTE: Each competing team must have a CSUSB student as a qualified team member AND a minimum of TWO different colleges and/ or divisions retained, from there your teammates can include any student, faculty, staff and alumni of CSUSB in order to be eligible. If you need assistance in finding team members please reach out to us directly as we will help you build your team. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR TEAM MEMBERS SECURED BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR INTENT TO COMPETE OFFICIAL ENTRY!